1. As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty (2000) Dir. Jonas Mekas

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  2. "I do, I undo, I redo"
    — Louise Bourgeois  (via goghst)

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    Girl with a Pearl Earring ~ Johannes Vermeer

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    Artist Name: Gabrielle

    Tumblr: http://absurdbeauty.tumblr.com/

    A self portrait that was drawn and then edited on photoshop. :)

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  9. slowartday:

    Andrea Wan

    Exploding Heads

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    Vase of Sunflowers, Henri Matisse, 1898

  14. artmastered:

    Francisco Goitia, Zacatecas Landscape with Hanged Men II, c.1914, oil on canvas, 194 x 109.7 cm, Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City. Source

    I first saw this haunting landscape at last year’s Royal Academy show titled ‘Mexico: A Revolution in Art, 1910-1940’. Painted by the Mexican Revolution’s only official war artist, Goitia’s piece is compositionally steady, yet the hanged figures set everything off-balance.

  15. turecepcja:

    Illustrations by carlo stanga